The Puy du Fou in the Vendée

If you are looking for a hotel around the Puy du Fou in the Vendée, do not hesitate! The Fontarabie hotel, less than an hour from the largest theme park in France (voted best park in the world), allows you to discover the Cinescénie, the famous sound and light shows of the Puy du Fou as well as the many attractions offered within the park. Since the discovery of the Puy Du Fou castle in 1977, visitors from all over the world have continued to come to experience these moments of historical magic. Each year, it welcomes more than two million visitors. Regularly awarded at the Thea Awards in Los Angeles (the equivalent of the Oscars for theme parks), this park is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world. With horses, birds of prey or trained wild animals, special effects and fireworks, the Puy du Fou uses great means to offer its visitors sensational shows that tell the story of the region.

The Puy du Fou Cinescénie retraces 700 years of history, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War in a new dimension of staging. Each evening, 2,400 actors, 130 horsemen, 80 technicians and 500 people for the reception and security are working in and for this extraordinary 23-hectare stage. Lasting 90 minutes, the Cinescénie is inspired by cinema, peplum, opera and musicals. More than 12 million spectators have attended the show since its creation in 1978, now it's your turn!

For its 40th anniversary in 2017, the theme park created new original shows such as "Le Ballet des Sapeurs" and "Le Grand Carillon", which feature special effects and music.